Poster Papers

Some 74 poster presentations were submitted to complement the themes covered by the oral sessions. These are divided into two sessions, with dedicated presentations taking place on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

  Guidelines for Poster Presenters

Session 1: September 9-10 (Sunday and Monday), dedicated presentations on
Monday, 4:00 to 5:30 pm

Session 2: September 11-12 (Tuesday and Wednesday), dedicated presentations on Tuesday, 4:00 to 5:30 pm

Session Chairs: Peter Diorio, Toronto, Edna Mueller, Toronto, Beth McClenaghan, Ottawa, George Leblanc, Ottawa, and Ganpat Lodha, Winnipeg

The New Era in Rapid 3D Data Analysis and Visualization

Andrew Abraham

Visualization Very Large Historical Datasets - The Hollinger Project

Andrew Dasys

Improved 3D Geology Modelling Using an Implicit Function Interpolator and Forward Modelling of Potential Field Data

Philip McInerney

Minesight 3D Stereographic Projection

Richard Moffett

San Nicolás in 3D: Seeing Exploration

Nigel Phillips

3D Modelling of Basement Structures in Southern Ontario: A Compilation of Drillhole, Magnetic and Digital Elevation Data

Hernan Ugalde

New Eyes on Old Data: A 3D Historical Data Integration Study in the Heath Steele Mining Camp, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada.

Anastasia VanderMost

Determination of Flight Altitude and Correction of Vegetation Using a High Resolution Laser-Altimeter

Andreas Ahl

Benefits of a High Performance Airborne Gravity Gradiometer for Resource Exploration

Maria Annecchione

Denoising Aerial Gamma-Ray Survey Data with Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction

Bruce Dickson

A Comparison Between Old and Recent Airborne Time-Domain Electromagnetic Surveys Flown in the Chibougamau Region, Eastern Canada

Pierre Keating

Airborne Detection of Perfect Conductors: Project Gemini

James Macnae

Air-FTG® for Regional Scale Mapping

James Mataragio

Airborne Geophysics for Ground Water Resources: A Decade of Study by the US Geological Survey Central Region

Bruce Smith

An Improved Method for Trending of Features on Aeromagnetic Maps

Richard Smith

The High Resolution Airborne Geophysical Survey Programme of Namibia, a Success Story in Promoting Mineral Exploration

Rainer Wackerle

Simulated Annealing For Airborne EM Data Interpretation

Changchun Yin

Descriptive Geology and Three Dimensional Gocad Data Integration, Modeling and Projection to Derive Mineralization Controls and Exploration Targets, Midway Gold Project, Nye County, Nevada, USA

C. Victor Chevillon

A New Method for Data Integration and Integrated Data Interpretation: Ordered Vector Quantization

Stephen Fraser

Automatic Image Analysis for Mineral Exploration

Eun-Jung Holden

3D Geological Modelling of the Middle Proterozoic Stratigraphy, Belcher Islands: Integration of ASTER Imagery and SRTM Topography

Bill Morris

3D Structural Geometry of a Plunging Fold within the Southern Province: Integration of Aerial Photography, Magnetics and Topography Data

Bill Morris

3D Structural Geometry of a Thrust Duplex Within the Grenville Province: Integration of Radiogenic Isotope, Magnetics and SRTM Topography Data

Bill Morris

Spatial Modelling Techniques and Data Integration Using GIS for Target Scale Gold Exploration in Finland

Vesa Nykänen

Rock Property Database System

Sharon Parsons

Geochemical Soil Survey for Au Exploration in the Kenieba District in Mali, Africa

Hyo-Taek Chon

Targeting Gold Deposits Along a Regional Shear Zone: A Case Study from the Archean Golden Pride Deposit in Tanzania

Michael Christie

Modern X-ray Diffraction Techniques for Exploration and Analysis of Ore Bodies

Katherine Macchiarol

Exploration Criteria for Appraising Geochemical Anomalies Through Mapping Geochemical Systems

Grigory Abramson

Footwall-hosted Cu-PGE (Au, Ag), Sudbury Canada: Towards a New Exploration Vector

Doreen Ames

Application of Multi-fractal Filtering in Geochemistry Data Decomposing – A case study from the South Region of Sanjiang Ore-forming Belt, Southwestern China

Yongqing Chen

Using Deposit-scale Alteration and Geochemical Signatures to Explore for Analogue Deposits: A Case Study from Mt Wright, Queensland

Nick Lisowiec

Chemically Pure Synthetic Standards for Wide Range Analysis of Oxides in Geological Material Using Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry

Martijn Olde Weghuis

Geological and Statistical Validation of a Gold Prediction Model Based on Low-density Surface Geochemistry and Other Geoscientific Data, Nuuk Region, West Greenland

Bo Møller Stensgaard

Cutting Edge Geochemistry Detects Organic Signatures in Surficial Samples Originating from Bacterial-Mineral Interactions to Locate and Identify Deeply Buried Exploration Targets

Dale Sutherland

Understanding Real Time Processes Behind the Development of Surface Geochemical Expressions from Ore Bodies Beneath Cover: Source to Surface and Detection by Means of Collector Devices

Brian Townley

The Evaluation of Geological Exploration Samples using Multi-element Mobile Metal Ion (MMI-M) Selective Weak Extraction and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS).

Nicholas Turner

Modified Geogas Survey: A Potential Tool for Mineral Exploration through Exotic Overburden

Mingqi Wang

Prediction of Hidden Ore Bodies by New Integrated Computational Modeling in the East of Iran (Marginal Lut)

Masour Ziaii

In The Shadow of a Headframe: Deep Exploration Using Integrated 3D Seismic and BHEM at the Louvicourt Mine, Quebec

Erick Adam

High-Resolution 2D Seismic Imaging in the Noranda Camp and Implications for Exploration

Gilles Bellefleur

Reflected and Scattered Seismic Wavefields from the Halfmile Lake Orebody, New Brunswick, Canada

Gilles Bellefleur

3D geometry of the Xade Complex Inferred from Gravity and Magnetic Data

Gaud Pouliquen

Geophysical Exploration Strategies for Kimberlite Exploration in Northern Canada

Mike Power

An Integrated Geophysical Study for Orebody Delineation, Nash Creek, New Brunswick

Hernan Ugalde

A Matlab Program to Invert 1D Spectral Induced Polarization Data for Cole-Cole Model Include Electromagnetic Effects

Ahmad Ghorbani

Processing and Seismic Inversion of the Intrepid Seismic Line at the St. Ives Gold Camp, Western Australia

Christopher Harrison

Modelling Overburden Thickness in Glaciated Terrain: Lac de Gras, Northwest Territories, Canada

Daniel Kerr

Detection of Sulphide Bodies in Seismically Scattering Environments: A Modelling Study

Elizabeth L'Heureux

Practical Methods for Interpreting Magnetic Data Affected by Strong Remanent Magnetization

Yaoguo Li

Application of Stochastic Exploration of Alternate 3D Geological Models Guided by Potential Field Data to Quantify Uncertainty in 3D Geology Models

Philip McInerney

Optimizing Geophysical Inversions for Archean Orogenic Gold Settings

Dianne Mitchinson

Detecting Heterogeneity Near a Borehole Using Vibroseis VSP Data

L. Flora Sun

Comparison of Fixed-Wing Airborne Electromagnetic 1D Inversion Methods

Marc Vallée

Electromagnetic Modelling of the Cree Lake Extension, Millenium Deposit, with MultiLoop III

Peter Walker

Signal-to-Noise Improvements in Seismoelectric Data Acquisition

Karl Butler

A Program to Model and Interpret Borehole Gravity Data

Bernard Giroux

DHMMR: Coming of Age

Kate Godber

Development of a Borehole Gravity Meter for Mining applications

Richard Lachapelle

An InfiniTEM® Survey Leads to a New Discovery on the Coulon Property

Circé Malo-Lalande

Borehole Resistivity Logging and Tomography for Mineral Exploration

Wei Qian

MRS: New GW Geophysical Technique

Jean Roy

Recent Development in 2D and 3D Seismic Imaging of High-grade Uranium Ore Deposits, in the Eastern Athabasca Basin, Canada

Erno Takacs

Seismic Delineation of the Orion South (140/141) Kimberlite, Fort à la Corne Field, Saskatchewan

Donald White

Seismic Exploration within the Flin Flon VMS Mining Camp, Manitoba, Canada

Donald White

Implicit Ore Delineation

Richard H. Knight

Alteration vectoring to IOCG/U Deposits in Frontier Volcano-plutonic Terrains

Louise Corriveau

SEBASS imaging for Copper Porphyry and Skarn Deposits, Yerington, NV

Dean Riley

Geophysical Responses of Hydrothermal Rocks Associated with Copper-Gold Mineralization in the Neoproterozoic Mara Rosa Magmatic Arc, Central Brazil

Adalene Silva

The Use of Density as a Stratigraphic and Correlative Tool for the Bushveld Complex, South Africa

Mark Davis

Exploration for VMS Mineralization in Submarine Arcs

Matthew Leybourne

Uganda’s Nationwide Airborne Geophysical Program

Julius Nyakaana

Cretaceous Shale of Northern Alberta: A New Frontier for Base Metal Exploration

Roger Paulen

Timing and Tectonic Setting of Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Bearing Terranes within the Central Mobile Belt of the Canadian Appalachians

Neil Rogers


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