3D Visualization Theatre

A rolling series of technology, case history and commercial presentations will be given in the state-of-the-art 3D Theatre; theatre presentations will run in parallel to the oral sessions.

September 10-12 (Monday to Wednesday)

Session Chair: John McGaughey, Montreal

Visualization of Very Large Historical Datasets – The Hollinger Project

Dasys and Tylee

3D Modelling of Basement Structures in Southern Ontario: A Compilation of Drillhole, Magnetic, and Digital Elevation Data

Lee, Ugalde and Morris

San Nicolas in 3D: Seeing Exploration

Phillips, Oldenburg, Eso, Napier and Shektman

3D Seismic and Advanced Gocad Modelling at Midwest NE, Saskatchewan: Building Detailed 3D Models to Delineate New Drill Targets for Unconformity-type Uranium Deposits

Annesley, Reilkoff, Hajnal, McCready, Pandit, Takacs, Elash, Wallster, Stanley, Van Betuw and Robertshaw

New Eyes on Old Data:  A 3D Historical Data Integration Study in the Heath Steele Mining Camp, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada

Vander Most, de Kemp and Hannington

3D Geochemical and Mineralogical Model of the Sleeper Low Sulphidation Gold System, Nevada

Jackson and Chevillon

Descriptive Geology and Three Dimensional Gocad Data Integration, Modelling, and Projection to Derive Mineralization Controls and Exploration Targets, Midway Gold Project, Nye County, Nevada, USA


3D Visualisation: Improved 3D Geology Modelling Using an Implicit Function Interpolator and Forward Modelling of Potential Field Data

McInerney, Goldberg, Calcagno, Courrioux, Guillen and Seikel

3D Data Integration for Exploration and Mine Planning

Pretorius, Chunnett, Chalke and Gibson

Commercial presentations will also be presented, but are not listed here.